“Mizner Industries has a great strength in creating designs in tile with historical significance. Brenda Lusher is well traveled, knowledgeable and we communicate on the same wavelength. She can follow my designs without lengthy explanations, which makes my life easier. I have found her firm to be very professional, providing prompt service with a keen respect for detail. It’s been a great pleasure to work with Brenda and her firm.” Steven M. Hefner, ASID, IIDA, Design Works, Ltd., Delray Beach

“Mizner Industries has always proven to be creative, and dependable when providing us with custom hand-painted tiles.” Mario Nievera, Mario Nievera Design, Inc., Palm Beach

“When designing and constructing our own personal residence, we chose Mizner Industries for hand-painted tiles because their attention to detail was extraordinary. The designs were historically correct and stood apart from other tile manufacturers we had considered. Brenda was very accommodating when it came to custom designing and re-sizing some of our tiles used. Mizner Industries’ tiles truly made our project an authentic Spanish revival style and we could not have achieved it without them!” Jim Ross, Design Principal, Ross Design Group, Orlando

“In this industry, it is rare to find a company like Mizner Industries who produces hand-painted tile with Old World craftsmanship and a meticulous eye for detail.” Scott Snyder, Scott Snyder, Inc., Palm Beach

“Mizner Industries has captured the warmth and character of the Mediterranean with their unique tile. Brenda’s professionalism, integrity and attention to detail distinguish her company from any other.” Julie Talerico, Certified Building Contractor, Boca Raton

“The Versace mansion in South Beach inspired us to incorporate hand-painted tiles into the design of our new home in Boca Raton, which includes a significant amount of historic features. We are so glad we discovered Mizner Industries, which did a superb job of creating custom tiles for many features both inside and outside of our home. We actually took the opportunity to visit their showroom while the artists were painting our tiles, so we even have a greater appreciation for their craftsmanship and our design. I highly recommend Mizner Industries for anyone who wants to capture the authentic artistry they provide.” John Williams, Boca Raton

“Brenda Lusher goes the full distance whenever she works on a project. Her creativity in stonework is the best that I’ve seen from anyone in the industry. Not only have I been happy with her work, but our clients have also found her to be a great part of our team. Mizner Industries has designed custom fireplaces for several of our clients who didn’t know exactly what they wanted — and that is sometimes not an easy thing to do. We found Brenda to be very knowledgeable. She puts people at ease. She has a great personality and working with her is a pleasure. And when the stonework is delivered, Brenda is on-site to insure that it is installed properly. Unlike others in the business who are around to make the sale and hard to find when it’s time for delivery, Brenda is there every step of the way to make certain that the design is what we created for that particular space and function.” A. Lee Martin, Principal, Martin Architect, Fort Lauderdale

“Mizner Industries has provided stone and marble products for our clients for over ten years. We have found them to be wonderful to work with, without exception. Brenda is delightful, professional and very dedicated to providing the best stonework for our clients and the best service as well. Outside of a hurricane, you can count on her to deliver her stonework on time and on budget. She is meticulous about details and making sure that the installation goes according to plan.” Steve Hart, President, HM Homes, Fort Lauderdale

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with Brenda Lusher and Mizner Industries for over five years. We’ve been impressed with how smoothly the process goes when we work with her firm. You can always count on her to complete the stone work on time and without any problems. If we ever need modifications on a project, she provides a quick solution without complaints. Her stone designs are impressive, and her service is exemplary.” Tony Nicolli, President, A.M. Nicolli Contractors, Boca Raton

“As we began our architectural stone and accent tile research, Mizner Industries was consistently recommended throughout the industry, and they lived up to their coveted reputation. Mizner Industries as a company, and Brenda Lusher as an individual, have been a pleasure to work with. The superb quality of the stone arches, sills and columns and her passionate commitment to see our project through to completion was first rate. She is professional, easily understood our needs, and tackled our time-sensitive constraints with dedication and a smile. Brenda’s ingenuity and experience created the most magnificent stone work I have ever seen.” Jen Bohler, Homeowner, Harbor Beach